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Bitcoin the Islamic State and the Rise of the Phoenix

February 6, 2016

As the world rapidly falls deeper into a burning Ring of Fire, the two thousand some year war on the money changers is ramping up for a Jihad of unseen proportions. A Holy War and discovery of truth, sparked by Christ in the temple in Jerusalem carried on today by the factions of believers and those who would prefer to usurp the power of God himself.  A currency war with a “Golden Calf” feeding at the altar of excess stands at center stage as it ponders its position of Idol worship.

The Bull or “Golden Calf”, is the Central Bank printing press and policies of countless countries, creating an ever expanding bubble of debt based wealth for the super rich and their trickle down believers. Each one bowing down to their golden trough of FIAT currency, with which they use to purchase the planet and consolidate wealth in the greatest arbitrage of turning worthless pieces of paper and decimals into Gold, Real Estate, Corporate Acquisitions, and other valuable commodities, a true alchemy of unparalleled precedence.  A Golden Fleecing of their subordinates beyond the scope of most peoples most gruesome imagination. A fleecing of the coffers of a modern world capable of providing a luxurious and leisurely lifestyle for all people on the planet that has left billions on the brink of survival.

As a shroud is set to cover the Money Changers and their Central Banks Printing Press, we will be able to see much more clearly. The ominous cloud of this shroud will change the way we view the matrix and all that it encompasses leading us to see the truth.  The writing on the walls of the matrix reads like a trip back in time to the days of the Medici and their like. Using cipher or cryptography in notes for the transfer of gold, the Medici family was able to transfer great amounts of wealth across great distances for fractions of the cost previously. Notes would be written in code and redeemed for gold upon demand, freeing people of the burden of carrying gold money.  So what is this messianic shroud of knowledge and enlightenment?

Enter Bitcoin, the cryptographic ledger of a decentralized distribution protocol, and the ominous shroud of an all seeing God that tracks and records every move in its hive mind. Bitcoin is the Phoenix Rising in an Islamic State of resistance. Bitcoin has been noted in media as a gateway or currency for funding of Isis and terrorism, but it is a currency and protocol of a much more destructive force.  Bitcoin is more powerful than any standing military industrial complex, or group of terrorists could ever dream of.

The Islamic state of resistance encapsulates much more than radical suicide bombers or conservative Muslims, the Islamic state of resistance includes all those who seek the truth.  The Islamic state is a state of mind that says Central Bankers hide the truth through usury, it is a state of mind that includes people from every nation and belief system. If people were to know the truth hidden behind the codex of usury there would be revolution by the next dawning of the sun.  The potent cloud of obscuration that brings clarity to this matrix is the ability of Bitcoin to provide the masses with the most powerful weapon of a pure currency and a vehicle for wealth transfer previously unattainable by common people.

The Quran says money can be Gold, Silver, Grain or Dates.  Islamic scholar Imran N. Hosein reminds us that the purest currency historically always wins.  Mirror mirror on the wall, you ask, who has the purest currency of them all?  Take a trip down the yellow brick road to see the wizard of OZ or “ounces” to the Emerald City “Eugene Oregon” and you might encounter the Wizard, Satoshi Nakamoto standing behind the shroud, or behind the curtain under his Money Tree of Knowledge.  If you can slow your mind enough to listen to the cacophony of his voice he will tell you of ancient alien technology long forgotten in antiquity.  A polar reversal of the value of gold and silver caused in the mind of the many that allows those who dawn their silver slippers to navigate down the golden road.  Thought exercise, imagine everyone on the planet buying silver tomorrow and selling their gold holdings at the same time.

He will tell you of planets and islands upon which there was no money until aliens landed there.  He will tell you of how the aliens would convince the islanders to use and borrow the money to facilitate exchange.  At first the Islanders enjoyed the freedom that the new monetary system brought to them, making it easier to get the things they desired but then slowly one by one they would not be able to pay back the loans and the aliens would demand their property in return for default.  The aliens possessed superior weaponry and would kill the islanders and take the property if they resisted.  Eventually people gave in to this superior weaponry and would accept a life of poverty over death of their family and loved ones.  It was not long before the islanders found more than half of their people were living on land on the other side of a great wall, this was land that was reserved for those who did not pay their debts.  This land was however barren and not capable of sustaining all of them and they started to die in large numbers.  People would try to sneak over the wall back into the villages to work but the walls were guarded and hard to cross.  This helped the rest of the people on the lush side of the island because there were less people to feed and the people living on the good land did not have to work as hard as others on the barren side of the island.

The wizard will tell you of the horrible suffering on the barren side of the island and how if you can’t beat them you must join them.  He will tell you to stand on your head and look at things upside down and in reverse.  Then the great wizard will ask you for all your coin upon which he will trade for new coin.  Once you have the new magic money from the wizard you will be directed by the wizard to others who have the magic money and asked to share it with those who do not have any magic money yet.  He will teach you about the Magic money and what it is capable of.  He will show you, how just like the Medici you will be able to transfer wealth across great distances only instantly and for fractions of the cost previously.  At first the Magic money will not be worth very much he will tell you, but once the people share their knowledge of the magic money with enough people, the value of the Magic money will rise beyond the Islanders wildest dreams.  He will tell you a story of a great Dragon named Godzilla that tears down the great walls on the divided Islands and that sells the good land back to the people on the barren side.

He will tell you “I am” Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you ask him to tell you the truth he will simply tell you I am.

May Peace be with you.







cocaine currency / introducing the cocaine coin the newest in crypto currencies

July 20, 2015

The cocaine currency project is designed for the people of Columbia to monetize their resources, regain control of their economy and reduce the negative impacts of cartel controlled cocaine production and distribution. By legalizing the known drug trade the people of Columbia can create storehouses for both the dried coca leaf and final cocaine product. This final product can be produced under set pharmaceutical standards and graded, packaged, appropriately. The warehouse essentially a cocaine granary or storehouse, would issue receipts measured in grams and kilograms to its suppliers and workers who would then trade or spend the receipts in the global marketplace. Warehouses could then ship the final product to the end user that is claiming the receipt. The same can be done for the people of Afghanistan with their opium freeing them from their U.S. government overlords. Any agricultural community or even the oil rich nations can use this technique to free themselves from fiat currency controls. May peace be with you. Joshua

Ulterior States

June 27, 2015

fsociety Trojan Horse

June 2, 2015


Hello Friend,

If you have come, you have come for a reason. Let me tell you why you are here tumbling down the rabbit hole. You may not be able to explain what it is yet, but there is a part of you that’s exhausted with this world… a world that decides where you work, who you see, and how you empty and fill your depressing bank account. Even the internet connection you are using to read this is costing you, slowly chipping away at your existence. There are things you want to say. Soon I will give you a voice. Today your education begins.

One piece of advice be honest and I will free you from the prison for your mind.

Remember all I am offering is the truth nothing more.

May peace be with you.

The Architect


Introducing the only 100% Illuminati gold and silver backed cryptocurrency the “Illuminati Gold Coin”

February 12, 2014

Introducing the Illumanati Gold Coin, the newest gold and silver backed cryptocurrency. The Illuminati Gold coin will be mined on December 21st, 2014. The coin will be mined in the first block and will be infinitely divisible. The coin will be backed by all the Illuminati Gold and Silver post apocalypse. The coin will be held by the commons and distributed equally to all people of planet Earth.

May peace be with you,


Indiegogo fundraising for the Granary Receipt Project

January 2, 2014

Hello My Name is Joshua and I have a message for you. The message is that

“Money Grows on Trees”

The Granary Receipt project seeks to empower agricultural communities around the world to regain control of their monetary systems and money supply. The Granary Receipt is the oldest known form of paper currency dating back to many ancient civilizations.

By funding the Granary Receipt project you are purchasing a Granary Receipt. Through the purchase of the receipt you are purchasing the rights to locally produced organic grain, beans, nuts or other food preserves that are stored by local farmers or warehouses for limited amounts of time, typically up to one year.

These receipts can then be saved, traded, or spent into the economy. They can be traded many times over and then be redeemed by the new holder or saver of the receipt prior to the expiration date.

Your Granary Receipt will note the type, and weight of grain or food preserve you will be purchasing. It will note the purchase date and the amount of fiat currency paid. It will note where the commodity came from and where it will be stored. The receipt will include storage contact information and when it must be redeemed by.

The Granary Receipt Project seeks to create a network of global farmers and storehouses capable of providing free storage for grains and food preserves to be used as a banking mechanism for the Granary Receipts. By providing free storage the farmers and community storehouses help to create the network for fee free exchange.

“Contributions” to the Granary Receipt Project, create purchasing pools that will be divided into geographic areas based on contributors location or their preferred areas of investment. Volunteers in those areas will coordinate to procure organic grains or other food preserves to fund and issue their local Granary Receipts.

What We Need & What You Get

By purchasing a granary receipt you are funding sustainable community agriculture.
Your funds will purchase a receipt or claim check for locally produced grain or food preserves that will be stored for you for up to one year. You are creating a pure currency that has intrinsic value.

Our goal is to provide people of Earth fee free units of exchange. Units of funding are 25 Dollars US and Indiegogo charges four to nine percent on our flexible funding platform.  Your Granary Receipt will be issued for 20 dollars or more worth of grain or food preserves. The difference in price will be used to cover expenses needed to create the decentralized system of exchange. Any residual money will be used to purchase Granary receipts and donated to community food kitchens. Once the system has users and the dedicated volunteers and mechanisms are in place we will no longer need Indiegogo and the fees can be removed.

Through the pooling of our purchasing power we hope to offset much of this initial loss to the consumer and maximize the granary receipts purchasing or trading power.

Commodity Backed Currency

Remember when our currency was backed by Gold and Silver?
Possibly not because the federal reserve note has not been backed by gold or silver since 1971. Well you can’t eat gold or silver. In the Islamic book of the Koran it says that money can be Gold Silver Grain or Dates. The reason that it can be grain or dates is that they have a shelf life and can be stored for extended periods of time. Money is supposed to be a storehouse of value or energy.

By returning to commodity backed currencies we can return abundance to the people and grow as much money into the economy as we see fit. Money does grow on trees it is the secret lost in the Garden of Eden hidden from us by the serpent, viper money changers. By using this ancient technology we can free ourselves from fiat currency and debt based monetary systems.

Other Ways You Can Help

Volunteers are needed in all geographic locations for the implementation of the granary receipt system. Volunteers help in procuring organic grains, securing storage agreements, issuing granary receipts and teaching the technology to others.

Please help spread the word about the Granary Receipt Project and how you can invest in a resource based currency.

Please use the Indiegogo share tools to help in our currency revolution.

Kilowattcards verses Bitcoin and Islamic Finance

October 9, 2013

Why would we expend energy to make a currency like Bitcoin? Wouldn’t energy and currency from the sun make more sense? Monetizing a natural resource like the sun can provide an abundance of currency or “asset class”.

Following is a quote I found on regarding Islamic finance.

“Another use for kilowatt-hour paper is Islamic finance, since one can lend at 0% interest when the medium-of-exchange has fixed and stable value.

Since fiat currencies are depreciating always, the prohibition against paying interest means that Islamic investments are really for equity, not loans. Lending in kilowatt-hours could enable Islamic finance to actually function in the way that it claims to function.

That is, one might lend kilowatt-hour notes to a borrower who could trade them for cash (or something productive), and who will eventually repay the debt by buying that same number of kilowatt-hours on the market. That later purchase of kWh’s might cost more money than was originally obtained by selling the loaned kilowatt-hours, but it would represent repayment of the same energy debt.

While Islam forbids payment of interest on debt, it might allow payment of money to cover currency inflation if the debt itself had been defined in terms of energy.”

Just something to think about.

May peace be with you,



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